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Logbooks, a historic underpinning for Ocean Research

In the Environmental Journal section of the 11/29  Providence Journal, Peter B. Lord writes about a massive research project, an ocean census undertaken by 2,000 scientists from 62 countries to answer three huge questions about the world’s oceans.

  • What once lived in the oceans?
  • What is living in them now?
  • What will be living in them in the future?

A book new about the census, “World Ocean Census: A Global Survey of Maritime Life”, was written by three  Rhode Island based writers:  Darlene Trew Crist, Gail Scrowcroft, and James Harding. The book is published by Firefly Books .

One valuable resource for scientists as they try to gain a historic view of oceans are whaler’s logbooks.  The New Bedford Whaling Museum  Research Library has an unparalleled collection of 2,300 of these.  A database of logbooks is available through the museum website.

Artwork of the Day: Quintum Creationis Opus – Creation of Animals


Quintum Creationis Opus – Creation of Animals

“Quintum Creationis Opus – Creation of Animals”

Number: 2001.100.9007

Description: Copper engraving of an image of God (man, center in robes, with aura around his head, arms extended) standing on shore surrounded by birds, fish and other animals; filling the sky and covering the ground. Text below, in German, “Das Funfte Tag der Schopfung. Quintus Creationis Opus…” (The Fifth Day of Creation) Engraving on copper, based on Genesis, Ch. 1. Originally engraved by Jan Sadeler, ca. 1585.

Geo/Culture: Europe –German
Object: print
Title: Quintum Creationis Opus – Creation of Animals
Artist/Maker: de Vos, Marten –Engelbrecht, Martin
Date: ca. 1720
Material: engraving, paper
Dimensions: [H]7 1/16″ [W]9 7/8″