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Charles W. Morgan Update

Charles W Morgan at Round Hill, by Clifford Ashley. From NBWM - Kendall Collection

The repairing of a whaleship was once a daily occurrence in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Now it  is such a rare event that it’s worthy of print and video stories, as reported by Sharma Howard of the Norwich Bulletin.

The Charles W. Morgan, the centerpiece of Mystic Seaport’s exhibits, is undergoing a major restoration.  Although this is still a sore subject for some area residents, it is good to know that the ship is well cared for and will be sailing once again.

Locally and someday soon we hope the same can happen for the schooner Ernestina.

Welcome Home Schooner Ernestina on May 9th, State Pier, New Bedford

Schooner Ernestina returns to New Bedford from Boothbay, ME on May 9th. For more info: http://ernestina.org/news/

Photo Courtesy of Fred Sterner

Photo Courtesy of Fred Sterner