Scholarship Opportunity for Student Writers

Here’s an opportunity that I’m excited to share with subscribers to our blog.

High school students with an interest in the coastline and/or the ocean, and in need of a little money for college are encouraged to check out this great opportunity created by concerned parent and Gulf of Maine resident, Linda Cabot. Linda has taken her 64-minute film, From the Bow Seat, and created an essay contest for high school students. Three winners will be chosen. First place will win $2500, second place will win $1500 and third will win $500. In addition, the high school science department of the winner will receive $2500.

The contest requires that participants watch either ‘From the Bow Seat’, or ‘The Right Whale: Urbanizes’ created by Linda’s daughter, Noelle Anderson. After watching the film, you will need to answer questions about the film and submit them to the contest moderators.
The contest runs for the length of the school year. I expect this to be competitive, so start early and get constructive feedback from teachers and peers.

The Gulf of Maine is host to many species of cetacean: North Atlantic right, minke, humpback and fin whales, common and Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and harbor porpoises. It’s home to many important commercial fish species such as cod and lobster. It may seem like it’s not right next door to New Bedford, but it has direct connections to our shores and our lives. Please share news of this essay contest with students and teachers that you know.

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