Good Info About Whale Sounds

We all know that cetaceans make sounds. There aren’t too many people that come in to the NBWM that haven’t at least heard a humpback whale call. But how exactly do they make these sounds in the water if there’s no pathway for the air to move from the lungs, over the vocal cords and out of the month? After all, they are mammals, and that’s the set up we understand the best.

The attached New York Times article, with an entertaining and informative video clip, provides some of this information in the latter part of the story. You’ll also learn about the ‘aroma’ that follows whale biologists after they’ve done a necropsy.

The featured researcher, Dr. Joy Reidenberg, was in Middletown, RI, when KOBO was hauled ashore. She took his larynx, all eight feet of it, in three plastic garbage bags, back to her lab at Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

One response to “Good Info About Whale Sounds

  1. This is a great link Bob! Thanks!!

    Bill Renehan

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