Museum hosts SouthCoast Social Media Conference today

Mike Silvia, Rocketfish Media, one of the many reps at the conference

The region’s first free public social media conference is taking place at the Whaling Museum today: SouthCoast Social; A Social Media & Internet Marketing Conference.

Several new social media businesses as well as established companies that depend on these new marketing opportunities that are developing daily have set up shop in the Jacobs Family Gallery. The Conference begins at 10 a.m. in the Cook Memorial Theater and runs until 1:00 p.m.

Museums by nature conserve and interpret the past. But social media is the frontier upon which they will communicate with the world. No longer limited to the visitors who walk through its doors the Whaling Museum’s reach is global through the internet and social media, as was demonstrated this past January when the 16th Annual Moby-Dick Marathon was live-streamed on the website. Melville would have been incredulous. Even Jules Verne would not have believed it. Around the World in 80 nanoseconds.

Michelle Gaspar & Eric Abrantes, Advanced Eye Centers, Inc. depend on social media promos

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