Apprentice Commencement

2010-2011 Teen Apprentices. Front row (l-r): Melanie DeJesus, Peightyn Riley, Science Programs Manager Robert Rocha, Tori Arsenault, Amber Rosa, Megan Perez. Back row (l-r): Director of Education Sara Meirowitz, John Antunes, Mark Ste. Rose, Joshua Vargas, Daniel Golda, Rico Hernandez, Carlos Velazquez, Ryan Wotton

Tuesday afternoon, May 24, marked the end of the first full academic year of our Teen Apprentice Program. We celebrated with our twelve 11th and 12th graders, their families, educators and friends,and NBWM staff in our Jacobs Family Gallery and acknowledged the great work they’ve done this year. We began with our Science Programs Manager, who also directs the Apprentice Program, providing an overview of the program and the apprentices. Mayor Lang then spoke to the teens about the great opportunity inherent in this program, getting to know all of the museums in the City and serving as City ambassadors.

Museum President James Russell highlighted some of the key accomplishments and fun moments and acknowledged the staff and many funders that have made the program possible.

New Bedford Ward 2 City Councilor Steve Martins presented citations from the New Bedford City Council to the apprentices and reminded them not to let their age get in the way of chasing their dreams. He also encouraged them to return to New Bedford after their post-high school education is complete, so they can be part of the growth of the City.

Director of Education, Sara Meirowitz, then presented $200 book scholarships to the three seniors who have been accepted to college, with the understanding that the other three seniors will receive the same once their college acceptance letters come in. Melanie DeJesus received a small gift for her perfect attendance. We finished the afternoon with some group photos and lots of food.

However, they haven’t left us just yet. They will be back for eight weeks this summer to continue their work with the Museum.

We are currently recruiting new students for next year’s Apprentice Program. So, if you know of a New Bedford teen who does well in school, works well with others, has plans for college and has an interest in marine science (as we try a new theme) please let him/her know about our program.

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