Another Misleading Headline

Penguin Scrimshaw from NBWM Kendall Collection

I know just enough about the newspaper business to know that the folks who write the headlines are typically not the people who write the articles.  Mix a little bit of fact with a little sensationalism and you might get people to read it. Sometimes, though, you have to wonder what the underlying agenda or bias is. If the purpose is to touch a nerve, then it worked this time.

Case in point – Study: Climate Change, whales causing penguins to starve.  Although this article from in DC is not as sensational as the headline, leading it in such a way is irresponsible. Whales, penguins and krill all filled their niches in the marine food chains and lived in balance long before humans began subtracting and adding to the oceans.

So, as always, read things carefully, especially when it comes to scientific articles. A non-science writer may have written the headline.

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