Patience Leads to First-ever Photo


Imagine spending days in the ocean waiting for that perfect photo opportunity.  That’s what a team of British divers based in Malaysia chose to do.  Ultimately, as shown in this story in the Faded Tribune, they were able to snap the first photo to show the full length of a blue whale and a human.

Getting the human in there is easy. The world’s longest animal is a different story. They don’t respond well to English and they’re always on the move. I challenge those of you reading this to try to figure out the length of the whale based on the length of the diver.  To make it easy, assume he’s approximately six feet tall. This does not look like a full grown whale.

2 responses to “Patience Leads to First-ever Photo

  1. Whoa, you mean that there are no other photos of divers with blues? Coulda sworn I’d seen such before–but perhaps not! (I may be confusing it with underwater video of blues rather than a photo such as this.)

    I’ve recently posted some thoughts on my time in the whaling town of Ayukawa after learning it was wiped out by the tsunami. If you have a chance, visit

    Thanks for the blue whale photo–such amazing animals!

  2. If the article is accurate, this is the first time the entire body of a live blue whale has made it into the photo when a human was also in the photo.

    I agree, blue whales are indeed amazing animals. I like the fact that we humans get to share this planet with the largest species to ever live here. We should all be lucky enough to see one in the ocean.

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