Professional Development: Schooling with Whales

Ein Musikalisches Duell : Der Narwal als Schwimmlehrer (A Musical Duel: A Narwhal as a Swimming Instructor) by E. Greibner. From the Museum's Kendall Collection

This coming weekend, several area teachers will learn how to use whales as a means of teaching science, math and geography.   We will use our skeletons, whale artifacts and a primary source document to demonstrate these important concepts in an inexpensive manner that is fun for the students.

There are only a couple of openings left in the course. Professional Development Points, through our partners at the Museum Institute for Teaching Science (MITS), and a graduate credit through Cambridge College are available.  The course tuition is $50; the graduate credit is another $50. If you or someone you know is interested please contact me via email at or via telephone (508) 717-6849.

For the record, whales don’t travel in schools. They travel in pods or gams.

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