Museum Greenhands: Our Other Blog

I’d like to remind all of our Whaling Museum blog readers that we have another blog you can read. It’s the blog that features postings from our Teen Apprentices.  It’s called Museum Greenhands.

For most of them, this is their first experience blogging. They’re getting the hang of it slowly. With more practice they’ll become really comfortable with the process and less hesitant to keep all of you apprised of their activities.

So, as a means of encouraging them, and to let them know that they’re not just posting to themselves, please check in periodically.  They’ll appreciate knowing that you’re curious about their work and would enjoy some feedback.

NBWM Teen Apprentices 2010-2011

One response to “Museum Greenhands: Our Other Blog

  1. Excellent, nothing like a little “cross-blogination”. It was a pleasure having the Teen Apprentices in the Photo Archive last week as we talked about photo history together.

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