Become a scrimshaw expert in a day (well, almost)

One of several cases of scrimshaw on exhibit, the museum's collection is the world's largest

Have you ever wanted to know more about scrimshaw, the indigenous shipboard art of 19th century whalemen? Now you can – guided by one of the world’s foremost authorities on scrimshaw, Stuart M. Frank, Ph.D. – at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, on Saturday, January 29 from 10:00 am to 5:00 p.m.

Scrimshaw 101 is a one-day course designed to provide an introduction for newcomers and a refresher course for seasoned collectors. This PowerPoint-illustrated seminar presented by Dr. Frank, Senior Curator, and the staff of the New Bedford Whaling Museum will include handouts and reference materials designed to provide a good working knowledge of scrimshaw and related nautical arts.

The accelerated seminar will cover how to recognize distinguishing characteristics of authentic sailors’ work, the technical background on whaling methods, whaling lore, ship-rigging types, whaleboat crews, and other features useful and necessary in identifying authentic scrimshaw, marine paintings, and other nautical antiques.

“This course will present the scrimshaw basics, but with all the bells and whistles. We’ll very quickly get into the significance of scrimshaw as a highly collectable antique art form and provide critical perspective into its historical and artistic importance,” Dr. Frank said.

Dr. Frank will also relate the process of authenticating scrimshaw, caring for scrimshaw, restoring scrimshaw, and the scrimshaw market.

Scrimshaw 101 registration fee $50.00 (non-members $55.00) includes a buffet lunch and coffee breaks, all study materials, and admission to all museum galleries and exhibits. Student discounts are available.

To register, call admissions: (508)-997-0046, ext. 100 or email: Registration fee $50/Non-Members $55.

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2 responses to “Become a scrimshaw expert in a day (well, almost)

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  2. Robert Gravallese

    will this course be offer again???

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