Crewlist Project Update

In this post we share an update by Crewlist Project Director, and New Bedford Whaling Museum Advisory Curator Judith Lund.

Thanks to about 37 volunteers ranging in age from Museum interns and the students in the Maritime History Class at UMass Dartmouth to retired folks, the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s Crew List project is nearly complete.  So far, the names of crewmembers for almost 2200 voyages from 1855 to the end of American Whaling in 1927 have been entered into the database.  If you estimate 25 crew members at least for each voyage, that’s about 55,000 little lines in excel .  THANK YOU EVERYONE.

This is the sort of project the museum couldn’t have done without volunteer help.  Our information will be combined with the early years input by New Bedford Free Public Library some years ago, to provide the names of men who left New Bedford on Whaleships sailing form this port

The Museum is about to redesign its website.  This information, will be included in that design, available via the internet to whaling historians and to people trying to understand their own family history.   We will have this database up and running by Fall of.

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