Maritime Curator to the Rescue

Like the storied heroes of the old U.S. Lighthouse Establishment and the Life Saving Serivce, Michael P. Dyer, the Whaling Museum’s Maritime Curator, quickly found himself launching a rescue mission in the choppy waters of Buzzards Bay last week.

The article by Beth Perdue , excerpted below, appears in full on

“Fairhaven Man Repays Debts with Weekend Rescue”

FAIRHAVEN, MA — They say what goes around comes around but, for one Fairhaven man, the chance to help a stranded windsurfer in the same spot he himself had been rescued three years earlier was a sweeter kind of payback.

Michael Dyer was one of a group of West Island beach-goers who came to the rescue of a Providence man after he fell off his windsurf board Sunday, helping him stay afloat until firefighters arrived.

A maritime curator at the whaling museum, Dyer was at the shore to catch some bluefish before dinner. He had just arrived when he learned the man, later identified as Bill Braden, 66, was in the water, unable to reach his board.

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