“Wave Glider: Expanding our Ability to Listen to Whales”

“Wave Glider: Expanding our Ability to Listen to Whales” with Joe Rizzi

“The Man and Whales Lecture Series” continues April 14, at 7:30 pm

Studying whales is a rewarding but daunting task.  Whales may be big, but the ocean is bigger and the weather doesn’t always cooperate.  Providing a complete picture of the animals and the habitat requires collaboration, technology and ingenuity.
Joseph Rizzi, Chairman of the Jupiter Foundation, got together in his early retirement with a small group of very talented friends to create programmable, mobile technology for listening to whales.  Joe’s presentation is a story about how listening to whales inspired the invention of an elegant device that will not only enable further whale studies, but could become a host-platform for a wide range of previously impossible oceanic applications.

The lecture starts at 7:30 pm in the Museum Theater.
A reception at 6:30 pm is held in the Jacobs Family Gallery before the lecture.
Admission is FREE.

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