Crewlist Project Update

In this post we share an update by Crewlist Project Director, and New Bedford Whaling Museum Advisory Curator Judith Lund. It speaks to our current team of 17 volunteers, but also to potential volunteers. To find out more about the project visit our initial post from November 6th.  To ask questions or sign-up use

I am pleased to report that we are making good progress on this project. So far I have the results of three completed years and parts of another that have been coming to me as they are completed. That total of entries is 369. It may seem small yet, but I know that many of you are waiting to complete the year assigned to you before sending it to me. That’s fine, too. The important thing is that so many have volunteered and are going full steam, or full sail, ahead.

Captain Antone T. Edwards and some of his crew aboard the Wanderer

In March the history majors taking Maritime History at UMass Dartmouth will join in, thanks to Len Travers, who teaches the course and read the blog about the project. It will be a chance for his students to get their hands on some real history, and in doing so, complete a project that will be of lasting value. I have tentatively assigned three years to them.

Our youngest participant is Tevin Honohan, a student at New Bedford High School, who plugs away at the information during his community service period in his schedule.

The Whaling Museum and I thank you for all you are doing.

5 responses to “Crewlist Project Update

  1. Dennis Marshall

    interested in crewlist project help

  2. Great, if you haven’t done so already send your contact info to

  3. I am interested in learning more, biographically, about Antone T. Edwards, Captain of Wanderer. Can anyone suggest a source of information (other than the log books, which may not be by his hand and do not provide personal information)?

    Thank you.

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