Our New Curator Arrives…And Returns for Week Two

by Dr. Gregory Galer, Vice President of Collections and Exhibitions

Today marks the beginning of my second week as the Vice President of Collections and Exhibitions here at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  (More information on my background can be found on the blog posting here for Dec. 6.)

I arrived last week to find my self immediately immersed in a flurry activity.  My start coincided with the beginning of a long-awaited project here, the renovation of the Bourne Building, home of  Lagoda, purported to be the largest ship model in the world and an icon of the Museum and New Bedford.

Much of my first day was spent assuring the safety of artifacts and collections during a multi-month project that will be the first phase of upgrading this space to better preserve our collections and better serve our visitors.

The week didn’t slow down there, for I was immediately swept into planning meetings on the Bourne building project as well as many other exciting changes in the works here at the Museum.  New exhibition space and new exhibits are scheduled. This museum is undergoing a rebirth of sorts and there is energy in the air.  Just when I thought I could catch my breath last week I found myself helping to prepare for a visit by Governor Patrick and the following day the Melville Marathon which was one of the more unique events I have observed in a long time.

If last week was any indication I am in for quite a ride here at the Whaling Museum. I’m beginning to think the most appropriate artwork for my new office may be of  a “Nantucket Sleigh ride” in which whalers were pulled about the ocean at high speed by a harpooned whale!

If I have news to report I’ll do my best to keep you updated via the blog.

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