Author Peter Stevens to speak on his book, “The Voyage of the Catalpa”

Please join us on Thursday 1/14, 8:00-9:00 PM,  in our theater, for a talk by author Peter Stevens related to his book The Voyage of the Catalpa: A Perilous Journey and Six Irish Rebels’ Escape to Freedom. This program is part of AHA!

From publisher Basic Books:

Fast-paced, compelling, meticulously researched, and dramatically detailed, this saga from the annals of American, Irish, British, and Australian history comprises the first full telling of the secret yearlong journey of the American whaling ship Catalpa, under Captain George Anthony, out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1875. Risking his own freedom and career, Anthony sailed across international waters to Australia, to rescue from hellish imprisonment the group of British-soldiers-turned-Irish-rebels named “The Fremantle Six.” The successful escape and hostility the vulnerable Catalpa overcame both from the British Royal Navy and furious seas make Anthony’s historical voyage legendary. 8 pages of photographs add to this true story of daring on the high seas.

One response to “Author Peter Stevens to speak on his book, “The Voyage of the Catalpa”

  1. Michael Hyland Loring

    i am one planning to visit the museum in aug 2014 With my GRANDCHILDREN NOW LIVING IN BOLTON Mass,to research the Catalpa
    also i am going to make a model of the ship. this will be my fourth model ship. Mike Loring Cork Ireland.

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