Read the latest issue of RIGHT WHALE NEWS in its entirety , now available from the NARWC blog. Main topics:

-Ocean Policy Task Force Hears About Right Whales

-North Atlanic Right Whale Population Size for 2008: 438

Reflections, Questions, and Concerns, Contributed By Monica Zani and Amy Knowlton, New England Aquarium

-North Atlantic Right Whale DNA Bank, Contributed by Sonia J. Seto, Trent University, Ontario, Canada

-Fishing Gear That Entangles Right Whales: Source Identification is an Issue, Contributed by Jamison    Smith, Large Whale Disentanglement Coordinator, National Marine Fisheries Service, Gloucester, Massachusetts

2nd Annual Whale Naming: Millipede wins! Contributed by Philip Hamilton, New England Aquarium

Right Whale News is a publication of Associated Scientists at Woods Hole. It is disseminated on-line through the courtesy of the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium. The editor is Jim Hain. The editorial board consists of Mark Dittrick, Tim Frasier, Robert Kenney, Scott Kraus, Bill McWeeny, Hans Neuhauser, Susan Parks, and Melissa Patrician. The copy editor is Julie Albert.

Current and back issues of Right Whale News published between 1994 and 2009 are available at the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium website, www.rightwhaleweb.org—select the Right Whale News tab.

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