Bullet form: Digital Initiatives Strategy

Portrait of Captain Mercator Cooper, manipulated (#1983.45.1)

  • Increase Access to Museum Collections: Expand the number, and type, of collections that are electronically accessible; improve ease of access to collections for a broader constituency; broaden dissemination of exhibition and educational program content.
  • Enhance the Online Visitor Experience: including upgrades to the “look and feel” of the website, improved ease of navigation, added depth of content, and optimization for search engines.
  • Enhance the Onsite Museum Experience: Increase multi-media exhibition offerings; increase electronic access to exhibition components, digital collections and catalog tools.
  • Build Awareness and Outreach: Bring the Museum’s mission to a significantly larger, and more diverse, audience; develop more interactive constituent relationships; leverage the power of social networks to increase the number and quality of relationships.
  • Improve Internal Processes: Develop tools and processes to help internal departments work together more efficiently and effectively. Implement best practices in the management of digital assets, particularly in managing digital archives according to American Association of Museums requirements.
  • Entrepreneurship: Develop online revenue streams, including licensing and online sales; leverage online channels for marketing and brand awareness.

2 responses to “Bullet form: Digital Initiatives Strategy

  1. I wonder what Mecator Cooper had on his ipod?

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