Conservation and Identification

When New Bedford Whaling Museum conservator Robert Hauser pays a visit to the Photo and Digital Archive one hopes it is to share information.  A conservator’s visit is like a visit to the doctor, more pleasant when healthy then sick.  In this case Robert’s visit was triggered by his need for some imaging assistance, which we gladly supplied. In exchange, he gratefully answered  a few questions about how to improve storage for our collection of cased daguerreotypes and ambrotypes.  Photo Archivist Kate Mello will be incorporating a few of Robert’s suggestions in her plan to re-house these precious objects so they are less likely to be damaged when removed for exhibit or inspection.

At the same time Robert shared an interesting online tool he had discovered through his subscription to the AIC News (July 2009, Douglas Nishimura, Image Permanence Institute). Listed under “New Publications”  is a website called Graphic Atlas . This is an online resource that offers print identification and characteristic exploration tools. It also contains additional pages dedicated to the history of printing technologies. The Image Permanence Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology began initial development of this resource in 2006.

Graphic Atlas

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