Photo of Endangered Green Turtle


Historic stereoview of endangered green turtles.

Heavily harvested for food, green sea turtles gave employment to a number of persons around the Caribbean in the 1890s. In Key West alone in 1895, 76 persons were employed in the fishery which was worth close to $17,000.00 that year. 27 people worked on registered vessels and 49 on open sailboats capturing turtles for the New York market chiefly using nets. Pending sale or shipment captured turtles were kept in live pens just adjacent to the docks which this photograph, ca. 1898, clearly shows. Note that at least one of the turtles is obviously dead as it is prepared to be loaded onto the cart in the background. For more information on the Key West fisheries see: Report of the Commissioner for Fish and Fisheries for the Year Ending June 30, 1896. Part XXII (Washington, 1898).

Typed recto: “9142 — Shipping Green Turtle, Key West, FL., U.S.A.”

Accession Number: 1985.16.88
Medium: Stereoview
Dimensions: 3.5″ x 7″
Creator: Keystone View Company

More on endangered green turles (Chelonia mydas) at NOAA Office of Protected Resources

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