In Search of the Mysterious Narwhal

Great article, In Search of the Mysterious Narwhal, by Abigail Tucker, Smithsonian magazine, May 2009:

“Ballerina turned biologist Kristin Laidre gives her all to study the elusive, deep-diving, ice-loving whale known as the ‘unicorn of the sea’.”


Flip Nicklin / Minden Pictures

And then come see a Narwhal Tusk on display in New Bedford Whaling Museum’s Classic Whaling Prints exhibit.

The Narwhal or Sea Unicorn

This engraving from the collection of the New Bedford WhalingMuseum:

Number: 1958.1.21.S
Geo/Culture: Europe –British
Object: print
Title: The Narwhal or Sea Unicorn / F. Cuvier – Plate 11
Artist/Maker: Stewart, James –Lizars, William Home
Date: 1837
Material: engraving, paper
Dimensions: [H]4 1/4″ [W]6 9/16″
Description: A partially colored engraving paper, engraved by William Home Lizars (1788-1859), showing two narwhal on shore, cliffs and birds to right, two birds to left, rocky cliffs in background.

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