Scrimshaw Weekend, a great success!

MAY 15, 16, 17 2009

scrimshaw tooth

The Annual Scrimshaw Weekend, founded in 1989 and held at the Whaling Museum each June, is the world’s only regular forum in which collectors, curators, antiques dealers, history buffs, and enthusiasts from all over the country gather to confer about the whalers’ distinctive and evocative .

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6 responses to “Scrimshaw Weekend, a great success!

  1. Hi every body at New Bedford
    As former attendees at the scrimshaw collectors weekends Gabby and I would really appreciate a more detailed report (including photos) of the weekends activities.Stuart Frank will appreciate that as one gets older and funds are not so readily available it is difficult to attend from Australia on a regular basis.Best regards to all those who still remember us.
    Trevor and Gabby Cross
    Mt Lawley
    Western Australia

  2. Pam and Gordon Stanley

    Hi ya’ll!! Have missed you the past few years How are you? Yes, as Realtors, we understand the cost issue.
    THe last Scrim weedend was great!
    Scrim is still selling and being found!! So we are working on that from Maine. Texas is low on Scrim, not too many whales!

  3. Trevor and Gabrielle

    Hello Pam and Gordon
    We are well and often thinking of the great people we have met through Collectors’ weekends.
    We miss being there, but for the time being that is the way it is.
    In 2006 we had three months in South America but have since been only on trips in Australia.

  4. I have antique walrus tusks that are still attached to the bone muzzle which had been cleanly sliced from the rest of the skull. How can I get this item appraised?

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