Rockford Art Museum: “Moby Dick, Heart of the Sea” Exhibit

If your in, or heading to Illinois…


Moby Dick: Heart of the Sea presents imagery relating to the classic Melville novel Moby-Dick. Exhibiting artists George Klauba and Kathleen Piercefield are each natives of the Chicago area. Works by Robert McCauley former chair of Rockford College Department of Art will provide a sculptural element to the exhibition. Their contrasts in style and media, Klauba’s realistic paintings, Piercefield’s expressive, multi-media prints and Robert McCauley’s sculptural assemblages will make for a striking and challenging show. Author and Moby-Dick scholar Robert Wallace will lead a gallery walk at the opening reception on April 17, 2009.

711 N. Main Street
Rockford, IL 61103

2 responses to “Rockford Art Museum: “Moby Dick, Heart of the Sea” Exhibit

  1. tinkercottagemuseum

    I work at a sister museum of the Rockford Art Museum called Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens. I have seen the exhibit, and it is wonderful. There are examples of scrimshaw to accompany the art as well. I especially like the artwork of George Klauba, he is a very talented artist that has painted many of the main characters and scenes from Melville’s novel, ‘Moby Dick.’ Here is his website if you are interested: []
    I am interested in whaling history myself, and I appreciate the work you put into making the Blog, have a wonderful day!

    Steve Litteral

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